About Rikin

Hi, I’m Rikin Shah, an adventurer, community builder, and entrepreneur. Thank you for taking the time to visit my website.

I grew up in Naperville, Illinois and graduated from Naperville North High School. I currently attend the McComb’s School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin.

I live, breathe, and dream business; for me, it is just a way of thinking. To put it into context, when I was five years old I ripped flowers out of my mom’s garden and sold them on the sidewalk.

I am an outdoorsman at heart, I love sailing, camping, backpacking, bicycling, and everything in between. I love to travel and have visited every state with the exception of a handful.

In my free time, I love learning new things. I am often found lost in a good book or captivated by a great movie, including my favorite “The Aviator.” As a coffee aficionado, I am constantly trying out new techniques and discovering new blends. While I am not much of a video game fan (though he still enjoys the classics), I am often found playing board games, including my favorite, Monopoly. If I am not doing any of the previously mentioned activities, chances are that I am contemplating new ideas for a business. Occasionally, I also spend some of my time writing 3rd person biographies of myself.