Post High School Thoughts

A while back I watched Paper Towns, a movie which I would have loved had I been a 16-year-old girl. This is a fact that can be validated by the fact that I watched it with a friend, who believes that it is socially acceptable to have a Hello Kitty […]

The Window Seat

A few days ago I flew back from Austin to Chicago. For all intents and purpose it was a very normal flight. It was as normal of an experience as traveling at a few hundred miles per hour in a flying pressurized metal tube could possibly be. During this almost magical process, […]

A Post About the Fourth

This post probably should open with the obligatory fireworks and USA chants. Seriously though, if this post ends up being much more than a rant on America’s greatness I will be pleasantly surprised. I have to say that the fourth of July is probably one of the best holidays of […]

On Being Behind

So here I stand, one month in with fewer posts than I expected to have at this point. In fact I have exactly 30 fewer posts than I expected to have at this point. This leaves me in an interesting predicament because there is nothing binding me to my goal […]

Thoughts On FlightCar

I just used FlightCar for the first time last week and I have to say the experience was more than underwhelming. We choose to use flight car primarily for its novelty; of course the notion of saving eighty bucks or so in a week played into the decision, but primarily […]